Because first of all there is always a story.

Project:-Sex Animations-for wickedWhims by Turbodriver 


♦Turbodriver- WickedWhims:

For his incredible Mod "Wicked Whims", gives life to -Sex Animations- thank you very much.


I do not have enough space to thank you for everything ... in short:

not only for their guides who supported me in -Sex animations- the welcome, encouragement, support and ideas have been very important parts for -Sex Animations- there is not enough thanks.


It is a fundamental part of this project as they have allowed me to continue, to dedicate time and everything that this work entails. there are not enough words.


For human rigs and their updates, his work is incredible.


♦Exist are more people to give them credit in this, as it is a world too complete and I will update this part.

But in advance Thank you very much !!